18 January 2008

Long time nothing written

Well, the holidays are over. They came upon me, far too quickly, and I didn't really catch up until they were almost over. Maybe because I blew off doing much to prepare, until after finals were done. But I didn't have much choice in that matter. Worth it, though....I rocked fall quarter. After being seriously afraid of getting my first "D: in college, I got two A's and a B....good enough for Dean's List. I am such a dork about grades. It isn't like anyone is going to care, not really. What will matter is having the degree. But, I digress.

The kids had fun for the holidays and Santa was good to all of us. We even got to spend time with the grown up kids, which is always so great.

I just started winter quarter, and I'm only taking two classes, both of which are online. Good for the convenience factor, but not so good when you need structure, like me. But I have to go on the stupid ORI in a couple of weeks, which is non-negotiable, and it falls right during midterms time, also non-negotiable, and I didn't want to blow off an entire quarter, for one week out of my life. I cannot, not go on the ORI, unless of course I am dead or something. And professors generally don't like you screwing with their quarter schedules and getting all out of whack. But I do have wi-fi access where I will be, so I can still access my online stuff....still get a couple classes out of the way this way. And at the end of spring quarter, when I send my transcript to CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) I will have two Associate's Degrees, I believe. About damn time I have something to show for going to college for ten years now.

I've not been pondering much of anything lately, no deep thoughts or profound insights. Not that you need to do that, to blog, heaven knows. But I was asked to join a CHRP team at my church and after much hemming and hawing, I decided that it is exactly what I need and it came at exactly the right time. I sort of needed to refocus on church and faith and kind of reset my compass, so to speak. It's funny how God comes knocking, right when you need Him the most. He is always there, but sometimes you need a little push. At least I do. Since joining the team, I've been to three meetings and already I feel a little more grounded, a little more even keeled.

A major issue in my life, that has been there for the last couple of years, appears to have been settled....and I hope, truly hope it stays that way. One chapter closed, another begins. It is important to leave the past in the past, and when something has gone past its useful shelf life you need to put it out of its misery and let it go, even when it's hard to let go. There is nothing to be gained by dragging the past into the present, when it is supposed to over and closed. It all sounds pretty healthy and sane but it can be so hard to do. But I've decided to re-engage in the here and now, and put the past in the past. Or at least try my damnedest. Part of my New Year's resolutions.

I always make them; they give me hope. They are pretty much always the same, but switching over to a new year seems like as good a time as any to sort of recommit to the effort to improve myself. There is a book I love, called Mustard Seeds, by Matthew Kelly. Who is truly amazing and awesome, but that is another post for another time....back to the book. There is a short reflection, some food for thought, for each day of the year, and one of my favorites goes, "You will know you have become a fool when you think you don't need to change." No matter how good we think we are, we can ALWAYS do better, you know? No one is perfect, although many think they are!

So I am going to try to write something a little more often....it gives me some much needed mental exercise, and trying to come up with something interesting to ponder causes me think about all kinds of things....I usually surprise myself with the places that I go in my mind.