30 March 2010


I love running.

I know, that probably sounds weird.

But I do, I love running. I forgot that for awhile, but I finally, FINALLY, just remembered. And man, did it feel good.

Last fall, I ran a half marathon, my second, and really enjoyed it. I felt great the whole way, which was a substantial improvement over how I felt during my first half marathon, which felt like hell on earth. Why I did it again, I'm not sure, but the second time around was much, much better.

Which got me thinking. Because I am who I am, accomplishing a goal is fantastic. And then, I start looking for the next mountain to climb. So, I ran a couple of half marathons, along with a variety of other, shorter races, improving the experience along the way, and it got me thinking, what's next? And the only logical answer to that question is, a full marathon. The thing I said I'd never do.

Let this be a lesson in saying "never."

Because now I'm seriously considering my first marathon this year. In my head, I've already committed to it, but out loud, not so much yet. I have it on good authority that there is a race every October, held in Columbus, which is just a hop, skip and a jump up the road, and also where I grew up and where most of my family still lives. This marathon is alleged to be a flat course, and a well organized event that makes a really good first marathon. And, I have a milestone birthday coming up in October. What better way to commemorate a big milestone birthday, than trying not to collapse after voluntarily running for 26.2 miles?

Running is a mental game, and my mind can talk me into, or out of, a lot of things. So I'm already psyching myself up and and psyching myself out. Speaking of psych issues, running is wonderful therapy. And I'm really in need of some lately. I recently lost someone who was close to me, suddenly and violently. I've got some dealing to do, and putting miles on expensive shoes with TobyMac and the Newsboys blaring in my ears is a pretty decent start.

So I went out today, in the glorious sunshine, for my first run in about six months. And man, did it feel good.


Marianne Thomas said...

I love running, too. Usually, I spin my wheels on the track at the Y but I'll also head out to run w/our dog (because I am paranoid about my personal security).

I ran a full marathon BK (before kids) and while I'd like to run one again (the Pig is such a great race) the sheer TIME it takes to train kills me. I just can't make more hours in a day. ;-)

Running a half in the fall sounds good, though. Training thru the summer (good weather) when the kids are out of school is acheivable for me.

Good luck and running IS therapy. Pound it OUT!

Marianne Thomas said...

Let me know if you need a running partner -- I'd be interested. ;-)