15 October 2010

The Kids Are Alright Part II

It took me a little longer than I'd have liked but that's how my life goes.

I finished The Kids Are Alright yesterday morning at about 1:00.  Wow.  As I started to write in my previous post, this book is just wonderfully written.  I love that all the Welch kids take turns writing chapters.  I almost hate to call them chapters, since they're mostly just a few paragraphs, maybe a page or two, but they are always significant.  In any case, it's how the reader gets to know each of the Welches in turn, and in their own words.  Each of them has their own distinctive voice and their own way with words.  Liz and Diana have become professional writers and I'm not at all surprised.

I'm finding myself relating most to Diana, the baby of the Welch family, since I myself am the baby of my family.  Not that I faced the kind of heartbreaks that the Welch kids did, but I also lost one parent very young and had the other parent just check out on me. I spent my growing-up years with people other than my family, not sure how I got there or what would happen to me. And ultimately it was my sisters who helped me find my way. 

This story is just a powerful testament to love and to family and to the ties that bind.  No matter how far-flung the Welch siblings were, they always loved each other and took care of one another the best way they knew how.  Amanda, who seemed so angry and didn't want any part of "family bullshit" like vacations together, turned out to be a pretty darn good mom to her younger brother and sisters and never gave up on any of them. She had the most time with her mom, but she had to learn so much on the fly.  Liz loved fiercely and was always ready to drop everything when she was needed.  Dan drifted toward adulthood and real life aimlessly but he had two guiding lights to keep him from going off the edge of a cliff.  I feel especially for Dan, because he was the only boy in the family and he didn't have anyone to help him learn what it means to be a man, a partner, a husband, a father.  Diana, well, God love her, I feel a real kinship with her.  I would argue that she drew the short straw for being the baby and being the one who had to work the hardest at understanding what was happening.

I wrote out this whole long post, and when I read it before I hit 'post' it occurred to me that it sounded like a book report.  Which really doesn't do it justice at all.  Let me try again. 

What I really want to say about this book, is that it touched me deeply.  I felt drawn in, like I was one of them.  I laughed with them and I cried with them.  Dan broke my heart when he didn't think anyone gave a crap about how much acid he was dropping.  I wanted to just wrap Diana up in my arms and take her home with me when Nancy told her that she was ugly and no one wanted her around. Amanda wanted and tried to just forget everything and party her way through life, and I just wanted to slap her a high five reading about how she started to get it, about how important her siblings were to her, and when she creates new holiday traditions with them.  And I love that Liz pursued her own life and studied abroad and yet was still always there for the others.  What a phenomenal family. Just...wow.

And at the end, there is hope and forgiveness.  As much as they had stacked up against them, the Welches keep on keepin' on, and refused to give up or give in. As much as they've all struggled to find their way, they have all come out ahead. Marriage, careers, and the ultimate expression of hope, children. 

Yeah, the kids are alright.


Jenn said...

The book sounds really interesting. Amazing how families can pull through and be there for each other like they should be. It doesn't happen in every family and you wonder why that sometimes is the case.

And it didn't sound like a book report...lol.



Some Suburban Mom said...

Jenn, it is really good. If you have time and the inclination, you should see if they have it at your library. And if they don't I'd be happy to send you my copy :) I hope you and the family are doing well!