16 December 2010


I have come here to post, to write, to ramble, and I find that I can't.  Over and over, I have started to write something and before I can string together a couple of coherent sentences, I just throw up my hands and hit 'delete.' 

I always have something to say.  I always have an opinion on things.  I always want to write, too.

But, just lately, I find that I can't.  And it bugs me.  Like, really bugs me.

I've never had writer's block before.  I've never wanted to write, and found that I couldn't. 

So, I still haven't come up with anything good, but I'm hitting 'post' this time and not 'delete.' 

To all of my readers, and you know who you are (all three or four of you!), I wish you a very safe, happy and blessed holiday season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


Jenn said...

Merry Christmas!!

Lynn said...

For everything there is a season and sometimes it is a season to listen and watch and gather inspiration.

Maybe you just need a little time off to refresh after a job well done. Go have some wine and enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas!