13 November 2007

Forgot to add....

a great link I saw posted on a message board that I used to post on, but now I just read it and don't post anymore.  

Here's the link...it's a fun game and it's for a good cause :


I really liked the board....a great group of ladies on it, but I just never felt like I fit in the group.  They've all known each other, obviously, for years and I just felt like an outsider.  Oh well.  I still read the board, pray for them and their intentions, but I haven't posted in a couple of months, at least.  

Anyway, this wasn't going to be about the message board, it's about the link.  If you're a word geek like me, it will be hard to stop this game.  And every word you get right equals rice for a United Nations feed the hungry program.  

I'm spending the day studying....I have a math exam tomorrow and a paper due tomorrow, and geology homework due Friday, plus a quiz over the weekend.  Have I mentioned how glad I will be when this quarter is over?  

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