09 November 2008

I need a hug today

It's been one of those days.

Took the offspring to church this morning while I taught my preschool age PSR (parish School of Religion) class. Catholic Sunday school. Broke a nail which sounds ridiculous, but it hurt like HELL. I'm trying real hard with PSR, but I'm just not a teacher and I don't think I'm doing all that well. I'm a mom, but frankly I'm not that good with groups of little kids. I'm trying though.

After PSR, took the boys to Blockbuster and rented them two Wii games, plus two movies, and asked for some peace and quiet to get my schoolwork done. Heh. Might as well have asked for the moon and the stars. After about the fifth fight (which they held here, in the computer room, so that I could hear and see every detail) I lost it. Hollered and swore, and then for good measure, the littlest got his butt smacked. Then I felt like crap. And I still didn't understand my econ homework :( I bombed the stuff I tried to do today. I still have to finish the assignment by 11:00 tonight. Ugh.

Meanwhile, the husband is off enjoying sunny shores and scuba diving, visiting the oldest offspring. I don't begrudge him his hobby and his relaxing time, we all need it. And I don't begrudge him time spent with B. I just wish it wasn't so tough to manage the boys by myself. Six days isn't that long, but they've been off from school THE. WHOLE. TIME. When do I get my relaxing time? School is never going to be over. Ever.

I just need a hug. Or a frozen margarita. With a little salt and lime.

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